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Are you looking for info about the  90th Division or attached units ? Are you looking for information about something that happened to you or your Tough 'Ombre? Or do you have a question that has been bugging you for years ? Maybe you're looking for photos or memorabilia.  Maybe someone reading this knows about something about it.   If you place your question here for all to see, maybe someone will have info for you.

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My uncle, Andrew W. Konitzer, was killed near Foret de Mont Castre on July 12, 1944. He was with the 3d Battalion, Co. M, 90th. He was in a foxhole w/his buddy "Joe" when he was mortally wounded. Would anyone know Joe - also any photos, etc. of the company would be much appreciated. Thank you - Jan Gold

Janice Gold

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I'm from France and I'm searching information about Robert R Martee, killed in action 06/14/1944. He was 1 lieutenant in 359 infantry regiment, his matricule was : 01305280. I am a member of an association and i am in charge of his grave in American cemetery at Colleville (Manche, France). Sorry for my very bad English, i will try to learn for the future.


Nicolas MARTIN

Email: tvn595@wanadoo.fr




I'm looking for the name of the company commander of Company H 2nd Battlion 357th regiment 90th Division January 1945 till the end of the war.

Horace T. Julian

Email: Hju2207648@aol.com

New York



My uncle was killed near Foret de Mont Castre on July 12, 1944.  Since the 90th Division was  there that day, I'm  wondering if you could tell me if my uncle was in that division as I do not have any information re his unit but I do know he was buried at St. Mere Eglise Cemetery #2 that day or later.  He was from Chicago,  IL, born 7/25/17.
Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Janice L.  Gold
148 No. Evergreen
Elmhurst,  IL 60126



I am Rex Bavousett. My uncle Sgt. Earl Bavousett, was in the 359th, Co. B. He was killed on 3 July 1944 in the initial attack on Hill 122. I am interested in communicating with anyone who might have known him, or his company. I would love to be able to share stories of his time with the 90th in my family's history book.

Thanks for all your efforts.


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I'm looking for the name of my company commander's name who lead our company during  WWII. He was CO of CO H, 357 If Reg't 90th Division. All I can remember about him was that he was a civil engineer who worked on the Arkport Dam,Arkport , NY. I also recall some years ago that he passed away in San Jose, Calf.

My name is Horace Julian
                  13 Stever Drive
                   Binghamton, NY 13901-1248
My E-mail  is



I am a history teacher at Duffryn High School, Newport South Wales. I believe that your division was stationed at a base near Tredegar House before departing for Normandy. Our school is built on the site on the base, and I am trying to gather together resources to introduce a study unit on this interesting but rather hidden part of our history. Is there anyone out there who can help me please? I would be grateful for anything at all.

Kay Smith


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My father is trying to locate a friend named Alex Kroll. They served together until Alex was shot and sent back home. I think he lives in the St. Cloud area of Minn. 90th Div. 359th Inf. Reg.

David Krautkremer

Email: kandt2@frontiernet.net

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State_Country: AZ.



I'm looking for the name of my company commander whose name I cannot remember. What I do know is that before WWII,he was an engineer who work on the Arkport Dam near my hometown in Hornell,NY. The captain told me this one day when I was in his headquarters. When I was living in Hornell many years ago, I can recall reading an article about him and that he past away in San Jose, California.
My name is Horace Julian and I served in the 357th If Reg. CO H 90th Division. If anyone can remember his name I would appreciate if you would let me know.

My address is 13 Stever Drive Binghamton, NY 13901 My phone number is (607) 648-6553
You can E-mail  at Hju2207648@aol.com



I'm looking for friends of my father, Theodore Schwartz, Co. A, 357th Regt.


Peter Schwartz

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My father, Theodore Schwartz, was in Co. A of the 357th. Any rememberances of him would be welcome.


Peter Schwartz

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State_Country: Alabama



My name is Pete Bracco.  My father, Mike Bracco, was a rifleman with A Company 357th Regiment from Feb 25, 1945 to Apr 26, 1946.  He passed away in 1975 leaving behind a tremendous legacy of service along with a loving wife and 10 kids.  As with many vets, he spoke very little of his time in service.  We would be interested in hearing from anyone who remembered Mike.  From Chicago, he serviced out of Camp Crowder MO and separated from Camp McCoy, WI.  Mike finished up in theater as the Message Center Clerk. 
Thank you all, Tough 'Ombres, your courage is not forgotten.
Pete Bracco 248-538-0595      mapbracco@earthlink.net



trying to find pictures of the 607th destoyer battalion, 1st lieutentant robert edens (Editor's note : ME TOO !!!)


robert b edensII

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I just read about George Higgens account of the 358 th Regiment  my father was in this unit  Company A . His name was John Quincy Janosik  Serial # 636367 killed 07/03/1944 in St; Jores France he was brought back to the USA in 1948 and is buried at Golden Gate National  Cem. San Bruno Ca .

Any information that you have would be greatly appreciated his brother Albert Robert Janosik was on the Battan Death March in the Philippines and died in 1996 he was 88.
Thank you


Paul Janosik
4671 Marnell Dr.
Las Vegas Nv. 89121
e-mail: paulsharol@cox.net
My grandfather Lee Roy Coffman served in the 359th Company C from 2/44 - 12/45. I have very little information, please anyone who has pictures or memories contact me.


David Coffman

UserEmail: dkmodem@msn.com


My grandfather was KIA on Jan 16th, 1945. He was in the 359th, co.E. If anyone has any pics of this co, or any info, or if there is anyone from this company still alive please contact me. My father is turning 65 and my wife and i are trying to put a book together for him. My grandfather was Staff Sgt Albert A. Rosenberg. Thank you to anyone who can help.



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am looking for anyone who may have known my grandfather James "Jim" Petree.  I thought he was in the 359th but it appears he was in the 358th Company C.  If anyone may have know him I would appreciate any information you could give me on his time served.

thank you,
Amy Petree


My name is Matthew Kime. I am a 30 year old CPT in the US Army at Ft Huachuca, Arizona. I am writing a book about the US Army liberation of Czechoslovakia. I am interested in talking to veterans who were there. I am also interested in copies of photos of Czechoslovakia during that time frame.

My interest in this project stems back to childhood. I am from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My neighbor was Fred Nordgren of the 357th Infantry. He told me stories about the liberation. He passed away in 2002. I recently served 6 years in Germany and the Czech Republic where I visited the Zhuri battlefield. I speak Czech as well and have traveled the Czech Republic extensively. Currently I am in correspondence with veterans from the 16th and 8th Armored Divisions and the 94th Division. I have spoken to Czechs as well as German veterans. I would love to hear from the 90th. This project is dear to my heart. I am married to a Czech girl and we have an 8 month old Czech-American son. I wish to preserve the story of Czechoslovakia's liberation for a new generation of Americans and Czechs and honor the memory of my long-time friend and neighbor, Fred Nordgren. I appreciate your support. Tough Hombres!


CPT Matthew Kime

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I am looking for anyone who may have served or has information or photos of James Petree he was in the 359th infantry division Company C. Any information would be appreciated he has passed on and never spoke much about what he experienced and I would like to hear from anyone who may have known my grandfather.

Amy Petree

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State_Country: missouri



Does anyone remember First Lt. William Berry O'Brien from Forrest City, AR? He was killed at Petite Hetange on Nov. 11, 1944, buried in France. We would love to know how he died, or anything people remember. Thank you.


Dan Lee

Email: danlee@scrtc.com

State_Country: Kentucky



I am looking for men who served with my Dad Karlton Hatch from Machias, Maine. He served in WWII in Germany with the 1st squad-2nd Platoon, Company K. 357th Infantry Division of the US 3rd Army. I am writing his memoirs of his time there and would love to have some of the soldiers who served with him contact me. I am planning to publish this and would love to have them add to what I have now. Thanks and I am so proud of you all!


Pam Phillips

Telephone: 207 255-6859

Address: RR Box 96A

City, State, ZIP: Machias, Maine 04654

email: bensnan@hotmail.com



I am looking for information about James Bernard Hopper, killed in WW11, believed to have been in the army and was living in Louisiana at the time of entering the service.


Philip Orr, Jr.

Email: winorr@swbell.net

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State_Country: Texas


I am a member of the Alveley Historical Society near Bridgnorth in Shropshire, England. I am currently doing research for a book to be published around Christmas time that gives details of the villages involvement in World War II, i wish to pay tribute to the Americans who were camped at Coton Hall in our village and wondered if any of your members can help with stories or photographs or just general info....the camp was built in 1943 and i am advised that the following were quartered there...90th Quartermaster Company, 358th Infantry Regiment.....1st Battalion Headquarters, 1st Battalion Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, Companys  A, B, C, D, 603rd Quartermaster Graves Registration Company, 3rd Platoon, 790th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company

The camp was built on land from the Coton Hall estate which is the ancestral home of your great Confederate soldier General Robert E Lee.. of Virginia,  i would be most grateful for any help and assistance with my project
Mr Tim White
12 Honeybourne Rd
England, WV15 6PP
E-MAIL    tsw_02uk@yahoo.co.uk  



Looking for info on my uncle, Sgt. Earl Bavousett who was in Co. B of the 359th Inf. - 90 Div. He was killed on July 3 near Prtot and St. Jores, France when the assault on hill 199 began.

If anyone can pass on personal experiences with Earl, or has any Company photos that may include him, I would love to talk with you.



Rex Bavousett



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I am looking for information about my father Lt. August Dorsey Parker jr. killed in action June 9th 1944 in the Normandy area. He was in the 359th company B. I can not find out anything about CO.B and the invasion and if anyone servived June 9th. I heard that they were killed in the hedge rows near Joganville in the attack on Chateau Dodinville. As a sole serviving son I would like to have some closure as to my fathers death.


Kenneth Parker

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My uncle was Joseph F Landi. He arrived in Normandy on June 5, 1944 and he died on June 20, 1944. I would like to find anyone who was in his infantry and in Normandy with him and especially anyone who may remember him. He was from Syracuse NY.


Patricia Ventra

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State_Country: Syeacuse, NewYork, USA



I am the eldest grandson of Robert Taylor Reichenbach, called "Rick" by some of his army buddies. My grandfather was raised in Collingdale, Pennsylvania, and was stationed for a number of years at the Field Artillery Replacement Training Center at Fort Bragg, NC. In 1944 he served in the 90th, I believe as a truck mechanic and driver under general Omar Bradley.

I have a number of things, including a book about the 90th infantry division with a painted leather cover, leading me to hope somebody in the 90th may know of him.

I would deeply appreciate the opportunity to talk with anybody who may have known my grandfather, so I might find out more about his time in the US Army.



Steve Reichenbach

Box 697

Frisco, Texas 75034


My father was with the TO at Utah beach. He came in on June 7th, aboard the Susan B Anthony. He was wounded on July 4, then later was an MP in Berlin.


Anyone know him? - Logan Harris Jr.



My Grandfather, Charles Easter was in the 385th Infantry of the 90th Divison, Company M. I was five when he died, but since I came from a single mother home he was like a father to me. If anyone has anything that might help me understand his roll in the war or anyone who knew him please contact me. Thank you.

Tony Hendricks
4036 Shannon Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45204


I am looking for information on my Great Uncle Gottlieb Swing. He served in the 90th Division, 357th Regiment in the Anti-tank company. He was KIA in Luxembourg January 14, 1945. It would be nice if someone has a story on the situation there at the time or knew Gottlieb. Any pictures that may exist would also be nice. My Grandfather also served in WWll and thank God made it back okay.

Krista Muonio
23286 Oneida St. N.W.
Saint Francis, MN. 55070


My Grandfather, Frederick G. Croad served in the 358th Co I during WWII. He was wounded on June 14th or 15th, and died on June 16th. My father never knew his father, and I would like to get any information that anyone may have on him. Any info would be appreciated.


Thanks Christopher

..... anyone out there that was in the 359th would by chance have known my uncle Charles W Ordner.

Dick Ordner


I am looking for anyone who has information about my father, Samuel Gibson.  He was a Staff Sgt. with the 357th, Company B.  I know he served from 1944 - 1946 and was wounded in December, 1944.  I think he fought at Rhineland.  He died in 1973.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you,

Jane Osborne

I am looking for information on the War service of Marion Sanford "Sandy" Gatlin.  He was private, probably a motor pool mechanic.  I do not know unit, just that it was a part of the 90th Infantry Division.  He was from Covington, Tennessee.  He would have been about 27 years old as he crossed Europe with the 90th.  He did have a problem with shin splints and was hospitalized at least once.

Jeff Gatlin (Grandson)
Memphis, Tennessee

We are looking for any information regarding James J King...Washington DC

He was in the 358 infantry, D company, 90th Division. He dies on June 10, 1944 near Chef du Pont France..Any information, photos, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth King

UserEmail: ekingphotography@aol.com

UserTel: 301-919-3594

State_Country: Maryland

I'm looking for information for my grandfather Edmund F. Nash,he was a medic with the 358th company C.

Any information would be appreciated.

Jeremy Nash

Email: jkknash@arczip.com


My uncle, Allen L. Oakley (Lunny), from Person County, North Carolina, was in the 90th Div. 358th reg. We do not know the company. He died in Saint Lo on July 14, 1944. Any information about his company and regiment would be appreciated.
Tony Oakley
Email: tony.oakley@verizon.com

UserTel: 336-364-2951

State_Country: North Carolina

358th 90th Div. Co. G 

My father was William Martin "Bill" Carmichael. He was from Meridian, MS.   He was a .60 millimeter mortarman and truck driver.  He was  wounded in France and taken to a hospital in England, then went back to the front.  I would appreciate any information anyone has on the unit and would really like to talk to someone in the unit that may have known my father.
Debra Carmichael Scheer
        (828) 274-9989

Any info or pictures of S/Sgt ROBERT R. HARVEY, born in Kansas, KIA in France app 7/26/1944. 90th Division, 359th infantry division, Company G. Serial #37722348. Thank you to all the veterans who have died or risked their lives for our freedom.

Sherry Christie
5812 Sawmill Mesa Rd.
Delta, CO 81416

looking for any info on my deceased father, Marcus M. Smith, his outfit, and anyone that might have known him. 

 He served state-side with Company D, 144th Inf.Regiment, 36th Division, before shipping out to England and the 359th Regiment of the 90th Division. He served  as a sergeant, a mortar section leader in the 359th regiment until the war was over. His regiment was temporarily attached to the 4th Division for the Normandy invasion, and he went in to Utah Beach in the third assault wave.  He won a Silver  Star for climbing on a german tank and dropping a couple of hand grenades inside, plus some bronze stars for actions which are unknown. . His home was Timpson, Shelby County, Texas. 
Would appreciate any and all info from anybody who might have knowledge of him, his outfit, or of his activities during the war. .  
please and thank you.  
ken smith

Would like to hear from relatives of Fred Nienstedt ( New York City resident ). 90 th Division , Company B, -----KIA June 1944 ....................................

Bob H>>>>>>>>>>>>>( ex-Company Armorer)

I'm looking for anyone who remembers my father, James Maddi, who I believe served in the 357th regiment of the 90th. He came from Jersey City, NJ.

When doing some family genealogical research, I discovered that my father was captured in Germany on February 8, 1945. My father was never very talkative about his war experiences when I was a child. I do remember looking at the contents of a strong box full of his army mementos that included information about his POW status. 

My father is now 86 and lives with my sister in Pennsylvania, but his memory is not that good any more. Please contact me if you remember him. My genealogical research has made more appreciative of what those who came before me have done and gone through, so I would like to know more about my father's service to the nation during war.

Mike Maddi

I am named after my Uncle that was in the 90th and killed on June 14th (he was from Austin Texas).  If anyone has any information at all about him I would greatly appreciate receiving it so that I can share it with my Dad (my Uncle's older brother). 

Thanking you in advance for responding and for Serving.  God bless you!!!
Victor Manuel Ledesma
Viet Nam Veteran '67-'68



 I am seeking information regarding my grandfather, William T. Koch Jr.  He served with the 358th, Co. A, 90th Division during WW II.  I believe he was wounded in France and spent time in a hospital there.  I am working on a memory book about him and would appreciate hearing from those who knew and/or served with him.  He is deceased and I never knew him.  Thank you in advance for your help.   Please contact me by email through one of the following email addresses:  awells@dehumane.org or wellspit@earthlink.net 

Angela Koch Wells 

I am seeking any information related to my grandfather, William T. Koch Jr.  from Pennsylvania.  He served with Company A, 358th Regiment, 90th Division.  I believe he was wounded in France and received several medals.  He is deceased and I am currently working on a memory book about him.  Thanks in advance for any information about him or his unit.

Angela Wells


Lt Joe Sheriden


I am looking for others who served with my grandfather, L.B. Weaver, he is 85 and still living. I am trying to find other with who he might talk and remember. He served in the 90th recon unit.
Michelle Metzger

I am trying to piece together my Father, Raymond J. Martens' journey through Europe.  He was in the 90th Div, 359th, Co. 'L'. Wounded 9Jan45, discharge paper saying Luxembourg. He did basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, entered Normandy 11Jun44. I found a post card to Mother stating he was training in Shreveport, LA after Ft. Leonard Wood and was wondering if anyone knows where they went next?  After being wounded, he spent time in Kidderminster in England.  Can anyone tell me what or where 4170 USA Hosp. Plant was?  I am a member of the 90th Association and am going to Thionville in November.  Anyone else going?

Kristen Martens Pauk

To any and all who were in the 358th anti-tank division. I posted a letter about my father-in-law 1st Sgt Earnest Foudray a couple of years ago. This is an update. The e-mail address that is in that letter does not exist anymore. The current e-mail address to write to is bonfireglass@alltel.net. My father-in-law passed away in May of 2003. His wife is still living and very active. She would enjoy hearing from anyone who was in that division. Thank you, David Vodehnal

My uncle, Sgt Ralph W. Browne was KIA with the 357th Infantry on 12 September 1918. He is buried in Arlington.

Are there any unit histories that would give a picture of what was happening at that time?

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

Howard Browne
3548 Frances Berkeley
Williamsburg, Virginia 23188

I am trying to find information on my grandfather James Andrew Crisp. He was in the 358th 90th division at Normandy.  He was Staff Sargent. On
his head stone it says BSM-PH 8 OLC, I am not sure what this means.  He was from Antlers Ok.  
Thank You,  Tommy Crisp  tac_1472@yahoo.com

my grandfather John Hipp served in WW2 in 359th infantry 90th div as a light machine gunner. If anyone has any info about him or some stories from his group please e-mail me at

ps, THANKS to ALL veterens who served and gave their lives for the freedom I enjoy everyday!!!!!!!!!!



david hipp

information about the death of my cousin.
Cecil Hagan Maddox ,Sgt.
33 645703
358 Inf. Reg.
90th Div.
Co. K
Killed July 6, 1944
Buried Blosville France
Body returned to Roanoke Va. in 1947 for re-burial.

Any information concerning the death and or where he was killed will be appreciated.I believe he was involved in action west of Coigny France. Perhaps he was involved in action south of Les Sablons and on the 6th at Lithaire Where he was killed.
Mimi B. Prince
(321) 242-6122


My grandfather Carl E. Auten served in the 90th Infantry Division. I do not know much about his experience in WWII and I am looking for anyone who remembers him who may have some stories about your experience together. My grandfather has passed on but I am trying to create a manuscript in his honor. I know he received a purple heart and has a lapel from his uniform that says "vigila et acta" Please contact me with any information you may have.

 Carla Swinke

For historical research about Americans in France in 1944,  I'm trying to find out which U.S. army unit or battalion was camped on the road between Pontmain and Louvigne du Desert (just south of St Hilaire du Harcouet) on August 16, 1944.  The soldiers would also have passed through the village l'Epine, outside la Bazouge du Desert.  The region is a part of Brittany near the large town of Fougeres.   Thank you in advance for any information you might have! 

Professor Alice Kaplan.  Duke University.  aykaplan@duke.edu

Anyone who might have served in World War II with my grandfather. His name was John H. McLeod. He was in the 90th division 315th Engineer Company A. He went to a few of the reunions. He passed 3 years ago, and my grandmother would like to find anyone who might have served with him. He was from Amarillo, Tx. We have pictures to share with you, and would like to see if you have any as well. Thank you so much.

Miranda Coyle Email MirandaCoyle@Yahoo.com

I write from France, I'm looking for my grandfather who was an American soldier WW2.
my grandma just remember his nickname "Ben", he was lieutenant, aged 27, in winter 44-45, he was stationed in Goetzenbruck; (near BITCHE and SARREGUEMINES).
I hope to find him, my father learnt that new for few weeks only.
Would you help me for my family and for this man maybe alive and who doesn't know he has a son in France


would like to correspond with guys who where attached to Co.B, 358th from Jan '44 thru July 22nd, '44 (Ile de Seves )

Contact:   BOB H
I am looking for anyone who may have know my grandfather Troy V Sims from Texas.  He served in WWII in the 90th Division 345th Artillery Battalion Battery C.  He passed away December 22 1981.

Laura Linn

looking for a soldier that i when to school with:  SSG Troy Sutton of 90th Rsc
Veronica Lewis
 new jersey

Would like info about my uncle Robert Bunfill who was in the 358th. he died on june 11 1944.

Please email me at cisco999@charter.net.
phone 314 993 6275

I am looking for any information about my Grandfather Stephen Nappi Co M 358th Inf. My Grandfather after being wounded was assigned as Patton's field driver.

Frank Butka


I am looking for information on my uncle, PFC Charlton C. Fisher, of Cincinnati Ohio, who served in the 358 INF, 90 DIV and was killed on February 2, 1945. He is buried in the American Military Cemetary in Luxembourg. He was awarded a Purple Heart/OLC. If anyone knew him or has information about how he was wounded or died, I would be interested.

Thank you.

Brent Winn
Richmond, Virginia

My name is Chris Ludwig and I am a German citizen who lived in the city of Ingelheim (Germany) along the River Rhine in Rhineland-Palatinate.

During the 2nd WW the 90th walked/passed through Ingelheim and I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about this topic. I am researching the history of my home town during the 2nd WW and became aware of the 90th and their pass-through.

I understand that it is difficult to remember every city on the long trail. Just to give you an idea, Ingelheim is at the river Rhine, about 15 Miles west of the city of Mainz and 50 Miles west of Frankfurt. It is in the Rhine valley where the river makes it's distinct S curve and is approx. 250 Miles from the French border.

I really appreciate your help and I am looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Chris Ludwig
250 Elm Street #627
Clemson, SC 29631

phone: 864-653-8964
email: christopher.ludwig@web.de

Thanks for y'alls help.

...anyone with information or photos of my grandfather, PFC Barney C. Gibbs, who served in the 90th I.D. at Normandy.  He was from a small town in North Central Texas and was in the second wave of soliders to land on the beach.  He was wounded in a foxhole by mortar fire on June 7, 1944.  He was taken from Normandy to a hospital in England to recover from nearly fatal wounds.  He passed away nearly four years ago and just prior to his passing he finally told my father (his only child) his stories of the war.  He had never discussed it prior to telling my father and wouldn't discuss it after that.  I'd like to get as much information as possible regarding his training, buddies, injury, hospital information, etc. from anyone who is willing to share it.  Thank you for your help!  AND THANK YOU, VETERANS, FOR THE FREEDOMS WE ENJOY TODAY!!!!!!!!  GOD BLESS YOU!
Holly Cox
P.O. Box 335
Pilot Point, TX  76258

...anyone who knew my father. I am the son Pvt. Jackie E. Roger 357th Infantry who was KIA on July 27th 1944 near St. Lo.

 dj-roger@sbcglobal.net  phone 309 682-6206


K.I.A. LUXEMBOURG JAN. 25th. 1945

Chester Sinclair


Dear Sir,
We are with the research of the following soldier: 
For any information to send a mall to the following address:  c.annichini@tele2.fr
All my greetings.

......info on J.C. Stump Born 08/05/20. KIA 01/09/45.

357th Infantry Company A or G (told that he was a machine gunner), 4th Platoon. Serial # 6943741. Can you direct me? Was my wife's father; she never got to meet him. Thank you for any help or guidance. Bill Meyer

William Meyer


.........information about Randolph and Clark (and their men) commanding officers of the US detachment which attacked German's rear-guard in Saint-Hilaire, early August 1944. My grand mother happened to die because of her being wounded by a German shell on this action.

I also would be interested in the medic services , especially the US ambulance in Percy.

Does anyone have the large company photo of Company E of the 358th and be willing to have it posted with the other company photos that are already there? It would be a great help to find the photo of my uncle, S/Sgt. Edwin
H. Bohling, who was KIA on 5 Jul 1944 near Les Sablones, France.  The photo was taken at Fort Dix, NJ and can be duplicated at Kinko's. 

Vernon Guenther, 660 Meadow Lane, Frankenmuth, MI 48734-9306, Tel. (989) 652 3801,

I'm looking for Philip C. Lewis, officer in command of the US detachment which rushed through St Hilaire du Harcouet (Normandy) early August 1944

Tel:          00 33 4 50 66 53 29





..... anyone who may have known or has information about my Grandfather Pvt. Gerald E. Gandee. He enlisted in the army in 1943 and served with the 359th Infantry, Co. C or G, 90th Div. Later he would land on Utah beach June 6 and would be killed June 15,1944.Also copies of company photo's from around that time and picture's with him and friends are more than welcomed.
Thank you
Kenneth G. Gandee Jr.
E-mail GDancers@msn.com

I am looking for anyone who knew Mark E. Monaghan. He is my great uncle. Here is the info I have on him.
Name: Mark E. Monaghan
Inducted From: Missouri
Rank: Technician Grade Five
Combat Org: 357th Infantry 90th Division
Death Date: June 21, 1944
Monument: Normandy, France
Last Known Status: Buried
U.S. Awards: Purple Heart Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Additional Army Awards

Thank you for your time. And also thank you for the sacrifices you all made during WW2.

Mark Yando
UserEmail:        myando38@hotmail.com
UserTel:          360-754-2557
State_Country:    Washington state

This group picture has my Uncle Wilson Norton in it. WW11 photo think overseas. Think he was an Infantryman. I had heard he fought in Belgium, was in the Battle of the Bulge. He was from Kentucky. Does anyone recognize their photo or have this photo?

 Group picture with Uncle Wilson Norton unknown location or any thing else

click on photo to enlarge

email: marvinalmon@yahoo.com

Did anyone know my uncle S/Sgt. Henry R. Andres ? He was with the 359th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Div. He was either Killed in Action or died from his wounds on Dec. 13, 1944. He is buried in Luxembourg. I am his namesake & would like to visit his grave one day.

Henry Andres
Email:        lbrasi3@aol.com
Tel:          (516) 575-6194
New York USA

......info on the former US 52nd general hospital, Wolverley, England.

I am researching this former award winning hospital when it was located here in our village at Wolverley, Kidderminster, England. I am trying to locate American service men and women who passed through Wolverley during those days. I would like to record their personal memories in a book I am writing, and donating the proceeds to "The British Heart Foundation".

You may be interested in visiting my web site at www.wolverleycamp.org.uk
for more information. Also a young lady recently entered a competition for a "Young Reporter of the Year Award" on BBC TV, and walked off with the first prize after filming her report at the former site of the award winning 52nd general hospital.

I do hope you will be able to help me to record the few remaining stories of those fascinating events which took place in our village all those years ago.

I would also be interested in hearing from anyone from the nearby Camp Bewdley, 114th and 297th general hospitals.

Mike Webster.

The 359th F Co photo posted on this site had 3 men with "LB" initials. Pvt Lloyd E. Bisbee, Pfc Leo H. Brown (also in July '45 Germany photo, #12), and Pvt Lester E. Berkheimer.  I am trying to solve the "mystery of the ring"  and determine who the ring belongs to. If any one knows anything about the three men in this photo, please contact :

Brian Keuker at:  


My uncle, SSgt Edwin H. Bohling, 358th Inf. was KIA on July 5th, 1944, near Hill 122. I do not know which battalion or company he served with, which is why I am asking for information about him. He earned a Silver Star, but the Army has none of his records. Does any one from the 358th know anything of his service, his death, and his Silver Star Award? Thanks for any help you can give. Vernon Guenther, 660 Meadow Lane, Frankenmuth, Michigan, 48734. E-mail: lcgvcg@aol.com     12/26/2003

My grandfather was in the 90th infantry, 359th regiment, 3rd battalion, I company 1st platoon. He passed away in January, 2003. He received the purple heart, bronze star, and two combat infantry badges. In his diary he speaks about January 29, 1945 of not taking their objective and being pinned down by the germans. He speaks about January 30, 1945 of sneaking into a town the back way and surprising the germans, taking the town but being pinned down by mortar fire even though they had taken some prisoners. He mentions taking Welchenhausen, and the next town, and crossing a river into the dragon's teeth of the Siegfried line. On January 31, 1945 he was injured by shrapnel from a mortar round that hit a brick wall they were behind. I don't know much more becuse he would never talk about it, and I have been going through his memorabilia. His name is Lloyd W. Musselman and he was from Logansport, Indiana. He also has the Presidential Unit
Citation, which I think the 90th received. His serial # 35904230. I'd like to know more about his bravery, and those he fought alongside if anyone has information. Thank you for this site.

My name is Scott Musselman e-mail: ginmuss@attg.net
address: 4922 Shearwater Ct Lafayette, IN 47909

My father (deceased) was a truck driver Cpl. Frank Tinney (from Alabama), H-S Company 358th Engineering. Anyone out there remember him or also served in Co. H-S of the 358th?

Mike Tinney
UserEmail: f.tinney@worldnet.att.net

My father, Joe Serafini served in the 357th B Company. He was with B company from D-Day through Sept 16, 1944, when he was wounded by a shell. He passed away in 1998 and I am looking for anyone who knew him during the war. Please contact me gregserafini@qwickconnect.net or by mail at 10754 Withington Ave NW. Uniontown OH 44685.

Thank you,

Greg Serafini

I would like  to contact anyone who knew my father Manuel Dominguez, Co. C 773rd TD Battalion

Paul M. Dominguez
email: paul.m.dominguez@boeing.com
Tel: 949-951-4696


I am trying to find out what unit of the 90th that my Brother-in-law served with in WW 2.  Unfortunately  I do not have his Service number, my Sister gave all of his records to his sister and I have lost touch with any of his relatives;
Here is what I do know.
His name is John H. Richey
He was born in Paris, Illinois and is buried there having died in 1981
He had basic training in Texas.
He was a buck Sergeant squad leader
He received the CIB, Bronze Star and Purple Heart.
He lived in Indianapolis Indiana at the time of his death.

If anybody reading this knew John or something about John, please contact
me at the following:

e-mail  destroud@wmconnect.com
phone:  301 645 7576
mail:      Dale E, Stroud
             1002 Tyler Court
              Waldorf, Md  20602


.....for some info on photos that might be available re Hill 122/Mont Castre during the battles of July 3rd on. I cannot find any. I need some for a DVD I'm making on a Silver Star awardee from the 359th, KIA in the bulge.

Fred Jenni

fjennie@fea.net   12/10/03

My dad, David Meyer, served as a 2nd Lt. with the 357th infantry during WWII (infantry unit commander 1542). I found an engraved pewter cup with the following inscription:
357th INF; Volley Ball; 4th BN; Germany 1945
and the names as follow:
T/SGT HL Latham
SGT CJ Crawford
SGT JB Halton
T/5 JH Conway
PFC RS Barney
PFC Abe Salem
PFC T Chang
PFC CL Chandler
I'm looking for anyone who may have known or served with my dad or who might have more information about the history of this group. Many thanks.

Contact: E. Tivona at etivona@harmonydesigngroup.com 12/6/2003

I am looking for any information regarding my father; Elbert Raymond Nelson Jr., of the 90th Infantry Dvision, 358th. He was killed in action on June 16th, 1944. I was only 6 months old at the time of his death and my family has no information regarding my father's time in the service, or how and where he was killed in action. There are no surviving members of my family that have any information on my father. I would like to hear from any person who trained with, served with, or knew my father. Any information on the action that resulted in the death of my father would also be greatly appreciated. I have only one photo of my father, therefore, any photos would be of special import.

Letters from my father indicate that J.T. Wheat was close to my father.

Please email me at: fpdr302@yahoo.com or mail me at:

Raymond Nelson
17 CR 1639
Farmington, NM 87401

I am the surviving son of Floyd E. Hill, (Clyde NC) a Tec Sgt with the 90th Div 358 inf. reg. company C or G (I Think).  History: Reg Army Panama 1937, Fort Benning GA as DI to 1944, at Utah beach June 8th or 10th 1944. Ended up in Czechoslovakia, Silver Star award, Pointed out of army in 1945. Any info on him would be appreciated. Planning trip to follow his track through Europe.

Gary E. Hill
Tel: 972-980-1680

My great-uncle was George O. Winkler, PFC. He was in the 359th HQ Co and killed on Nov 29, 1944 near Dillengen, Germany. I would be very interestedto hear from anyone who may have known him or any other information. Iwould also be interested in any information about Lt. Clarion Fortune (Chaplain Inf. T.O ) who was a good friend of George's and with him when he was KIA. George was from Sioux City, Iowa.

Scott Winkler

.......German helmets, hats, uniforms, equipment and insignia to buy for my collection. I only buy from Veterans and like to have you write up the history of how you came by them to preserve the story behind each item. I am a collector not a dealer, my father served in the 358th FA of the 95th Division.

Thanks to all you brave men.

Don Troiani

My grand father served in I company from the 359th. His name was Milo "Mike" Sheehan. He was taken prisoner while occupying a pillbox near Dillengen, Germany. I'm looking for anyone that may have any information about him during his time of service. Thank You

Rich Sheehan

In my search for Pfc. Johnnie E Smith some new data and info is given. Pfc. Johnnie E Smith was wounded on 16 june 1944 and hospitalized on the 19th of June and stayed there till 29th of September 1944.  On the 13th of November 1944 he was assigned to the 358th I company. Only ten days later on the 23th of november 1944 he was (according to his IDPF) killed while clearing the woods east of Tettingen, Germany. From this date on he was missing in action, untill he was found in a mass grave in the Kampholz forrest near Borg (Germany) may 1960, together with 2 other US Army soldiers and 19 German Soldiers. If anyone have personal stories about the battle near Borg/Tettingen from 23rd until 27th of November 1944, or knew Pfc. Johnnie E Smith, please contact me by e-mail or phone. Also i would like to receive a company photo from 358th I company.

Please contact:
Ron de Bijl
Phone: 0031 (0)77 3876079
E-mail: ron.debijl@planet.nl

Im looking for any invasion accounts which would include action seen by Battery A, 344th Field Artillery, 90th Div.  Im also interested in correspondence with members.  Im doing research for family friends whose brother, Pfc Thomas W. Phillips (Tommy or Junior), was killed on July 3, 1944.

Philip R. Shipp
23082 Oak Grove Road
Bullard, Texas  75757

I am the Regimental SGM for the 357th.  I am looking for any current contacts, pictures of commanders, Command Sergeant Majors etc.  We are building a Regimental room dedicated to our Medal of Honor winner Foster J Sayers, so any information of his deeds more than the citation would be greatly appreciated.

I am also looking for any general orders pertaining to awards from the 90th division commander that authorized meritorious unit citations for the 357th Infantry Regiment.

SGM Daniel Vessels
1-357 IN
"Strike Bayonets"
DSN 357-5172

I am looking for any information or photo's of the 358th Infantry, 90th Division, Company L, of 1917-1918. Would you please email me with any information you might have or know of someone who could help me.


I am looking for information on my grandfather. His name is Ervin Bruce. He was from Philadelphia and served in the 90th during WW2. Any information please send  to rbruce1@stny.rr.com

I'm hoping you can help me with a member of the 90th division. His name is George Baker and was in the 358th Infantry, 90th Division, Company L from Oklahoma. He was killed in action September 12, 1918, in France.

Do you have any information about him, or do you have any suggestions of where I might locate indepth information about him?

Leah Phillips    happylcp3@aol.com

........a copy of the book "345th Field Artillery Battalion, 90th Infantry Division, Third United States Army" printed by F. Bruckmann KG, Munich Germany. The story begins March 1942 and contains text, pictures, awards, and large map at the back. My late husband, Paul Mowry, was in Headquarters Battery, in Operations.

If you have information please send to jmowry@iland.net.

Thanks, Jean Mowry

My name is Marc Laurenceau and I'm working on a book called "Words of D-Day, Letters of Heros, 1942-1944", which will contain letters and log books of soldiers between 1942 and 1944. That's what I'm looking for.

I am wondering if you have that sort of documents or if know some addresses of British/American/Canadian/German veterans who took part in the Overlord Operation on June 6th 1944. I could then correspond with them and propose them to take part in the book's writing.

If you have an idea, send me a mail and I will send you back my address in France.

Thanks for your help,

Yours sincerely,
Marc Laurenceau

I am looking for information on a Polish American soldier by the name of Andrew D. Mestovik who enlisted in the U.S. Army to save his younger sister from a concentration camp. I would like info and pictures of him if at all possible. I Am not sure of what unit he was with.

Jonny Lippincott
Tel: (740)345-9309
Ohio, U.S.A.

My great Uncle was Lt. Col. Sherwood Spivey. He died in 1988 of a heart attack and was wounded 2 times. If anyone has any information on him can you contact me at hursteller@hotmail.com ? I am very interested in the divisions exploits, and what he did during the war. Thank you.

I'm looking for anyone who might remember my father, John Byrne, who served in Co M, 358th Regiment. He was wounded on February 6, 1945. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached by email or my address is 2604 Harvard Ave Apt B Metairie,LA 70001

Thank you

Patrick Byrne

Email: ptsbyrne@hotmail.com


....for information about Pfc Carl Wagner, North Dakota. He was in the 90th Div., 357th Inf. Co. G. He was a friend of my father, Pfc Hugh H. Melrose, KIA, June 12, 1944, Normandy, France. Also would like to hear from anyone that was a member of his squad while at Camp Barkeley, Texas. I have photos of his squad at Camp Barkeley.  I was born Sept.  1943, while the 90th was on maneuvers in California.

Wendell H. Melrose
Tomball, Texas

..info on John A. Ashley  (brother Bud) of Cullman, Alabama of the 537th AAA AW.

Frances Baker Stephens
1238 Finney
Eldorado, Ks

...info on Davis, Charley Ramon, b. 04/03/1894, d. 02/19/1960, PFC HQ CO 358 INF 90 DIV, Plot: A 628, bur. 02/25/1960, he was a funeral home director at Layng and Tinney Undertaking Company.

Can anyone help? This man is my Grandfather. Did he serve in Both world wars? He was member of the 358th infantry, 90th division, 179th Brigade he enlisted in Oklahoma. I believe he was born in Illinois on 03 April 1894. I am looking for someone who might be able to locate him in 1900 or 1910 with his family.

He served in WWI in the PFC HQ CO 358 INF 90 DIV. This branch was out of Oklahoma. His entry date into the military was September 1917.

I believe he is in Brewer, Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1920 census.

He married Minnie Perry in Oklahoma after 17 Jan 1920 and before the birth of their son on 26 Dec 1921. This couple were divorced before the 1930 census as Minnie was remarried by this time. in 1930 Minnie had been remarried for less than 2 years.

I have not located him in 1930.  By 1941 he is in a VA hospital in California. He died  Feb. 1960 in California.

I believe he had a family after 1930. I would love to locate someone in this family. And I would love to locate someone who is from his family line of DAVIS. I don't have his parents. In the California death records he list his birth state as Illinois.

Sheryl Davis
UserTel: 918-428-18181
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

 ......any information that I can get on my great uncle 2nd Lt. Willard H. Maas. He served with the 90th infantry division, 358th regiment from late December 1944-January 29, 1945 when he was killed in Luxemburg.
According to his DSC commendation, his platoon was in charge of overrunning a machine gun nest on the Our River, and he went alone and was killed. If anyone has any information, please contact me.

Glenn Willard Mueller

I looking for anyone who might remember PFC Fred J. Daily from Missouri who was killed in action on 10 July 1944 while a member of the 359th Infantry Regiment.

Dave Daily

I am a vet of the 90th in Europe . Would like to locate shoulder patches please.

Thank You

Martin B Washart
Email: ocmarty1@aol.com
Tel: 609 399 0538

...... for anyone who might have known my uncle Robert L Erny. He served with the 357th Infantry from March 19, 1943 and was discharged August 16, 1945 from Camp Carson, Colorado due to injuries received in Germany. He was a light machine gunner 604. He received the Silver Star for gallantry in action from 6 to 13 December 1944 in the vicinity of Pachten, Germany.

We are looking for anyone who might have met Bob and served with him.  My uncle passed away several years ago. We are trying to get him the Medal of Congress.  Right now we have limited information on him. There was a fire in St. Louis where they kept the military records. They have no information to pass along to us about his military history. All we have is the record of his discharge papers that was recorded in the local courthouse in our county. Do you have any ideas to help us?

You can email me at mscheper@fullnet.com.

My name is Nicole and I am looking for any information possible on my grandfather. His name was Homero M. Maldonado Sr. and served as a PFC rifleman in the 359th Infantry Division. He served our country from March 13 1942-Dec. 22 1945. He was injured and hospitalized on Dec. 12 1944. His battles and campaigns included Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, and GO 105 WD 45. Any information would be most appreciated.
Thank You,
The proud granddaughter of PFC Homero Maldonado Sr.

My grandfather was in the 90th Division 915th Field Artillery Company.  His name is Alfred Streit and he is from Texas.  I wanted anyone who remembers him to please contact me. 

LeAnn Adkisson

I had an Uncle Alex Charney who was in the 90th Division, 359th Infantry Division. His Serial Number was 33174552. He was awarded the Silver Star, 3 purple hearts, and 6 bronze stars. He passed away on June, 1992. I am writing a story about him and would like to locate anyone who knew him and what battles he might have participated in.
Frank Charney

..... any information available on my father George Edward Cox from Ohio, who served with the 357th Co. H during WW2  - any information will be greatly appreciated.
Ted B. Cox
Tel: (704) 283-6872
 North Carolina

Here is the photo of Private John TADRZAK 358th IR, 90th ID died in Normandy on July 12 1944, buried at Saint-Laurent-sur Mer US cemetery, Normandy, France. May be someone on the forum could recognize him. His daughter who has not known him would like to know about her father. Jeff, his son is leading the search.  stecki@quakerally.com

Many thanks for them.
Best regards,
Philippe (Belgium)  click for photo

.....anyone who may have served with my uncle during his assignment to the 359th Infantry Regiment and made the landing on D-Day. His name was PHILIP W. MALINA, from Shiner Texas and was killed on July 4, 1944.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at e-mail: danpati@lasvegas.net or home address:

Daniel P. Ford
2940 Cooper Creek Dr
Henderson, NV 89074-6925

..... information on Captain Joseph Meboe, Battalion Surgeon with the 2nd Battalion, 358th Infantry. He served in the campaigns of Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes and Rhineland, up until February 18, 1945, when he was rotated away from the front.

Anyone who served in the Medical Detachment, 2nd Bn., 358th, or who was one of his patients, or who knew him in some other capacity, I'd be extremely grateful for any stories you could share.

Dr. Meboe passed away in 1959. He was my husband's grandfather. Unfortunately, none of Dr. Meboe's family ever really knew what he did during WWII. So we are just now trying to piece together his military service so we can preserve it for posterity and honor his memory.

Thanks in advance to anyone who remembers Captain Meboe.

Mary Morkved
ph. (651)653-3695


Please excuse me for my English, if it is not very good, I am French, and I hope you are not any more angry with FRANCE at that time too.
I write you because I am carrying out research about an American soldier dead during WW2, near the town where I am living.
I would like to talk to you about SGT SCHULTZE THOMAS, who is died on 11-13-44, and whose I have a certificate of adoption established by American monuments commission.
I am interested to find a member of his family ( uncle, brother...), to tell him, I am grateful to SGT SCHULTZE THOMAS and other soldiers dead to liberate FRANCE. They are not killed in action for nothing, and my family and I will never forget. 
I would like to trace his way again from USA start to Europe too, until his death in Lorraine. Is there an alive veteran who knew him?
Last week, I was on D Day landings, UTAH Beach, OMAHA Beach, SAINTE MERE L' EGLISE, the Pointe du HOC... , to American cemetery of COLLEVILLE  it was an emotional moment,  every grave had a rose for July the 4 th. ( 9387 graves )
name                 THOMAS SCHULTZE
rank                    T Sergeant
serial number    356 72 408
organization      359 Infantry regiment 90 Div
date of death    13 November 1944
decorations       Purple Heart
state                   OHIO
Looking forward to your reply,
Yours faithfully.
32, Avenue des Clairs chnes
55400 ETAIN

A few months ago I placed an item in "I am looking for"  for Pfc. Smith Johnnie E.
Several actions were taken to get the information. Until today no reply came, but I kept on going. I have some new information which is maybe important for getting the history complete.

I found out that Mr. Smith was from Allen-Parish Louisiana born on 20 March 1905, buried 23 Nov. 1944 at Liberty cemetery. (Cheno)-Elton, Jefferson Davis Parish Louisiana. This is till today the only info I have.

Perhaps someone will recon this new info for me.

Many thanks in advance

Ron de Bijl

Email: ron.debijl@planet.nl
Tel: 0031773876079
 The Netherlands

any information available on my uncle Richard M. Hall from New Jersey. He was a 1st Lt. in the 357th Regiment, 90th Division and was killed on November 25, 1944. He is buried in the cemetery at Lorraine, Fr.

Beyond that, I have nothing.

Anyone who knew him or how he died, please contact me: elderdanhall@aol.com. Thanks.

....info on my Grandfather, Harland Houser.  His gravestone reads:  90th DIV, 345th M.C. Bn.   What does that mean?  Where did 'they' serve?  He did spend sometime at Fitzsimmons Hospital in Denver, CO.  Any information would be appreciated.

Granddad died of Cancer in Jan. 1951.
Thank you.
Judy Houser Crider

.....some one who knew my father, Jack Rubin, who worked with a medic unit of the 90th Infantry during World War II. He passed away April 17, 2003. If  anyone remembers him, please contact me (his son, Charlie) at



....information on my fathers cousin 2nd Lt. Jack Cool, 915th Field Artillery Battalion.  He was killed in action on September 28, 1944. My father, Sgnt Richard Chipps, 83rd Division, thought very highly him, and I would like to know something about his service. THANKS
Greg Chipps
6604 Meadowcroft Ln.
Maumee, Ohio 43537

thank you so much for your site....i am finding it most interesting and helpful.....my father was part of the 357th.. the invasion of Normandy....Utah beach and was wounded around July 19th and had thirteen major operations in Europe ...and was later killed ...in '45. I would very much like to see if there is any possibility of getting in touch with anyone who may have known him...he was in Company B. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give me. His name was Shelby Thomson Langdon
...thanks....david langdon   

......information on PFC George DuMay. He was with the 90th Infantry Division, Third Army, XII Corp during WWII. He passed away at the age of 41 so I have very little knowledge of his military service. I would like to find out all I can. I appreciate anything anyone can offer. My email address is: basketjunkie@cox.net.

.......information on 1st Lt. Max Short 358th Inf Regt. Killed in Action Nov 11th 1944 during the assault on Fort Koenigsmacher. He received the Distinguished Service Cross and Silver Star. He was originally from Massachusetts. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Karl Engist

My father was PFC. Harold W. Barefoot. I'm looking for anyone who served with him in France. He was a motrar gunner on a 5 or 6 man team and was wounded twice. Any photos or info would be greatly appreciated. I am his daughter and I am trying to trace his war history. He would never talk about it and took it to the grave with him.  358th Co. A 90th DIV. -  Called THE TOUGH OMBRES



Looking for anyone who might have known my father: Lt. Douglas Roy Hammett Co.B 357th Infantry - he was wounded 6 Dec 44 - any help or info would be greatly appreciated. My hero died of cancer August 1987.

Thank you:

Roy Hammett, Jr.
701 K Street
Monroe, La. 71201

I'm looking for anyone who knew my father Thomas L. Chamberlain. Dad passed away last year. He was very proud of his time with the 90th, 357th Inf. Reg, Co.L. Dad was awarded five bronze stars, three purple hearts along with several campaign medals. After his discharge he returned to Kansas where he lived for the remainder of his life. Does anyone know Edward J. Allendorf, Joe Snyuder, George Pfeif, John W. Politte, Howard J, Byrom, Robert B. Bellew, Jerry Osage, Willaim H. Helson, Earl t. Folkers, Rudolph J. Kubena or Alton R. Hays. All of these men were promoted to SSGT along with my father on Special Orders No. 10 dated 14 January 1944.

Toby Chamberlain
UserTel: 270-769-9701

My father, 2nd Lt. Hiram J. Wright from Louisiana, was assigned to I Company, 3rd Bat. 357th Reg. shortly before the battle at Beau Cordray. He was captured along with the remaining men of I Company during the course of that battle on July 10 (approximately). Dad ended up in Oflag 64 in Poland and eventually escaped ending up in Odessa, Russia. He passed away last year(2002). I am seeking information about who else was in the company with him when he was captured and details of the battle that day. Also, I would like to know more about the trip from France to Poland as a POW and if anyone knew him in the POW camp.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for you help.

Earle Wright
Email: EarleWW@aol.com
Tel: 225-926-4889

I am interested in getting in touch with anyone who may have known my Grandfather during his service in WWII. His name is Silveo Belli and he served in the 90th ID with the 345th Field Artillery Battalion Battery B.  I believe that he was a truck driver.  Thank you and best wishes,

Jonathan Lackie    jonathanlackie@hotmail.com

I am looking for any information on my uncle William J. Cooper, 359th infantry div. Who was killed in action in Sept. of 1944 in france.we were told he was alone when killed, that he possibly ran over a mine in the road.A non battle related injury. And any fellow soldiers that remember him.

Sandra Braccioforte
Email: sabraccio@aol.com

I am trying to locate the family of; THOMAS SCHULTZE, T SGT, 359 Infantry Regiment 90 Div, date of death 13 November 1944...). I have been in contact with a friend in France who has adopted  T Sgt. Schultze as a gesture of thanks for freeing France in WWII.  (adoption established by American Battle Monuments Commission)

Any information as to T Sgt. Schultze, who was thought to be born in Ohio, or his family would be appreciated.


Harvey Bloom


Merrimack, NH

...... information:

French people have not forgotten what US soldiers did for them. A  well known French historian, Jean-Christophe Notin, would like to write a book on the GIs life in France in 1944 ? 1945 to celebrate the 60th  anniversary of D. Day landing. Your memories would be very useful.

 You can write to him at this address : Jean-Christophe Notin
 c/o Editions Perrin
 76, rue Bonaparte
 75284 Paris Cedex 06  France

 You can also use this email address : usafrance2003@yahoo.fr

 Jean-Christophe Notin would particulary like to get in contact with French women who married GIs and followed them back to the US.

 This book will be published in English in 2004. Thank you for your help.

...... anyone who knew my grandpa LAURIANO FIERRO. Unfortunately the only thing I know is that he was in the 90th infantry, a Tough Ombre. He would have been 24 years old in 1944. He was wounded and MIA for one year. He was sent home sometime in 1945.  I know that it is a long shot - but if anyone has any info, please e-mail me at jazzcall78@aol.com.

...... anyone who might have known my uncle. His name was PFC Everett Sherman Alexander, he was with "M" company 359th reg. He was killed July 6 1944, probably in Cotentin Peninsula area (possibly hill 122), we don't know for sure, but I've read some of the history and that battle coincides with date of death. He was a single farm boy from Luverne, Iowa. I wasn't around to meet him, but I sure am proud of the sacrifices he and the rest of you have made for me and this country.
Any information is greatly appreciated.

Craig Wigans 2095 Utah Ave. Goldfield, Iowa 50542


....Information about the time frame November 9 -20, 1944 when the 90th was in the Moselle area. Please see the letter printed in You Have Mail.

My Great Uncle - Vernon Putizer, served with the 357th during WWII. He passed away several years ago. I am trying to track down more information about him and his time in the service. To start off, I don't know which Company within the 357th he served in. Does anyone know of him  or could direct me further as to how I could find this information? Once I know this, it will aid me in further research.

Daniel J. Drobny
Due West Hospitality/ Crazy Mountain Ranch
Phone 406.686.9228
Fax 406.686.9300



...information on my brother, Frank Gancarski 31423802 (left in photo). He was sometimes called Farmer.  He served in Co K 357th. Wounded Aug 5, 1944, died Aug 7 in the area of Mayenne. I'm the one on the right. I served 6 months in Co H, 357th  attached to E and F Companies. I was wounded a second time 12/19/44 across the Saar River.

Edward T. Gancarski
580 Freelove St
Fall River, Ma 02720

(click photo to enlarge)

... a map.  I am William A. Biehler and was in Co. K, 357th Inf. Regt. from June 23 until I was wounded in the second attack on the City Hall in Mazieres-les-Metz. After returning from hospitals I was assigned to the 90th MP Platoon for the remainder of the war and  came home with the Division. When we were in the Army of Occupation ( I think it was soon after V-E Day) each member of the 90th still there at that time was given a color map of the Division's route through Europe, it was about 2 by 3 feet and printed in Germany. The same map appears in the original Division History and also John Colby's book War from the Ground Up. I live in Palm Desert, Calif. not far from the Desert Training center where the 90th trained. There is a nice Patton Museum at Chiriaco Summit on Interstate 10 but no map of the 90th. I have lost my map in many moves. Does anyone have a map they would donate to this museum so the many visitors can see what we did?


I'm looking for pictures from the surrender of the 11th Panzer Division on May 4th 1945.

Also the 3rd Bn 359th Infantry cleared my hometown Waldmunchen (near the German-Czech border) on 26th April 1945. The journal says "Every block was defended". Im looking for information related to this heavy fight.
After the end of WWII the 3rd Bn 358th Infantry (Hq, I, K Company) returned to Waldmunchen as military government. They had their own newsletter "Citation", printed in Waldmunchen. Where can I get copies of these newsletters?
Does anybody remember the names Captain Conner A. Burnette, Joe Schreyma or Harry Mendel? Does anybody have pictures taken in Waldmunchen?

Thank you so much!
Erich Dirscherl

...anyone who may have known my great uncle Antone G. Sylvia (aka. Tony a.k.a.. Tut).  He was attached to the 90th Division 357th infantry.  He was wounded in the village of Budling, France on Nov 15, 1944.  After he had recovered from his wounds he was reassigned to the 397th AAA Bn.  I was recently told that he ran the Dinty Moore's Bar Room while attached to the 397th AAA Bn. He had achieved the rank of SGT before he returned to the States on Nov 25, 1944.  He only talked about his experiences in WWII with me before I left for the military myself.  Unfortunately, we didn't talk much more after that.  He suffered from mental illness and died back in 1998. I have 16 years in the military and I am trying to find out more about my great Uncle Tony's WWII days.  If you have anything that you would like to share with me I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you

Dennis G. Sullivan, Storekeeper First Class, US Coast Guard
20 Risho Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914
Tel: 401 435-2322
Web: sk1sully@mindspring.com



.... any information concerning my KIA uncle PFC Harry Winterbottom, who served in the 359th, Company C in the Second or Third Platoon from July 5th until he was killed on Jan 9th outside of NOTHUM, Lux. Also, any information on Col. BELL or Lt. Col. TODD, who commanded the 1st Battalion's Co. C's  2:00 AM assault on Nothum.... Dick Mathews, 709B Ocean Avenue, Avon, N.J. 07717, (732) 775-6422 -OR- curleypops@aol.com

.....info re PFC Joe (Joseph) Kaland of the 359th Regiment, company K involved in the Siegfried Line battle of WWII. He was wounded and apparently the only survivor of his particular platoon at that time. Joe was from Nevis, MN

Thanks,  Dennis Hanson [djhanson@whidbey.com]

...information about George C. S. Wilson, who passed away Feb.12, 2003. I have his discharge papers but don't know really how to read what part of the 90th division he was with. He started in N. Africa and wound up in Czechoslovakia. His serial #was 32 829 505. I would be interested in anything you could tell me. I believe he was in the Jeep reconnaissance engineers. Thank you.

Keith Piacente   Email: pacpat2376@aol.com

Tel: 631-298-0084   N.Y.

........ for any information regarding my uncle, Kenneth B. Oaksmith who served in the 358'th C co. Anybody out there remember him? He drove a 2 1/2 ton ammo truck onto the Normandy beach D-day two. Any info, please e-mail.
Jon Buell
Tel: 870-674-7313

......company photos to put on this web site.  I have four requests to be posted but I don't have the pictures. Does anyone have a company photo for 357th I Company or 358th B or 359th F or 359th L Company ?  I'm looking to get as many company photos here as possible and would appreciate any help I can get.  The photos posted here have generated quite a bit of interest and I'd like to add to this particular resource of information.

If you have or know of a company photo that I could post here, please email me at webmaster@90thDivisionAssoc.org

Thanks, Dennis Foye

Information Wanted on PFC Stanley J. Guzowski  Erie, PA

He served as a medic with the 90th Div. (Unit unknown) during WWII. Looking for any specific information on the unit and stories about my Dad. He left us on the 21st of April in 2001, but like most veterans of WWII and a member of the "Greatest Generation" he didn't like to talk about his service during the war. Photos, information, unit specifics would be helpful in addition to specific information on my Dad.

LTC (Retired) Joseph F. Guzowski    email: Joseph.Guzowski@hqda.army.mil
Deputy Chief Army Congressional Budget Liaison
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management & Comptroller)

(703) 614-6199

My mother-in law is looking for information on the 358th anti-tank company. My father-in-law is Ernest Foudray who served in this company. His rank was First Sergeant. She is also wondering what course of action she needs to take to acquire the remainder of his medals. He is still living and in poor health and she is interested in finding more information about this.
Her mailing address is Zina Foudray
P O Box 39
South Bend, NE 68058

Her e-mail address is

Note: Does anyone remember Mr Foudray ? He'd like to hear from anyone who does.

........ information about my Grandfather ( Cpl.Charles F Glasmann).I know that
he served in the 90th his entire time in the Army. All I can gather is that he was awarded the purple heart with four oak leaves and that he received a bronze star on a citation he served with Company H, 359th Infantry. I have a small amount of odd information to add. His service record was lost in the fire in the records building I have been told.
If anyone could help fill in the missing information or point me in a direction I would appreciate it.

Charles T Tarvin ctarvin@stic.net or ctarvin@hotmail.com

San Antonio, Texas

Information on OSCAR W. BERGMAN PFC 315 ENGR CMBT BN 90 DIV KIA JUNE 14, 1944

Please click here for full text of request


My father was Capt. Hobby H. McCall, S-2, 2nd Bn. 359th Reg. Dad past away in August 1994 from complications of cancer. I was trying to find the citations for my fathers bronze and silver stars, and haven't had any luck. Can anyone help ?  Thanks

Hobby H. McCall Jr. <


I live in France. I have found an helmet with a painted insignia (90th inf div) in the front of the pot,  inside there is a name  EDWARD BONGIOVANNI . I want to know if this name is really a name of a WW2 soldiers of the 90th INF division.

Please if some body know this veteran, he could contact me.
My email is  



My father, Armando Caccioli, was a member of the 358th Infantry and then was transfered to 695th Armored Field Artillery Battalion or vice versa. He really didn't like talking about his time over in Europe. I have a small book 56 pages long which is the brief history of the 358th. I would greatly appreciate any information about my father and his time in service in the 358th.

Ray Caccioli


.....information about my grandfather, Carlett (John) E. King 35744005 of 357 Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division and Company G.  He was in the Army 1942-1946 he landed in Normandy on the 8th of June
(Utah Beach).

I have requested his military records but think they were one of the many that were in the fire.  He's now 83 and would like to get some information for his great grandsons (my sons) along with any medals or ribbons that he may have received for his services (but of course that's a timely thing and we have to start somewhere piece by piece). 

Would anyone have a company picture with him in it ?He said his basic training was in California for a short time then he went to Texas then to New York from there he was sent to England then to France. Here's some photos of him that might might help someone remember him.
click on photo to enlarge

Thank you

Lori McClanahan



..........all 90th ID veterans who knew Captain Laughlin E. Waters and the story of his meeting with Polish Captain after the Falaise 1944 battle. I mean the fact described in the John Colby's book "War From The Ground Up" on page No. 232. I am also looking for all possible witnesses of this meeting or the persons who saw the Waters' report on the subject of Polish war crime near Chambois after the Falaise battle. I would be very grateful for possible help in researching the problem of this crime and all controversies related to it as well as for help in finding all possible combat reports or other documents (also personal memoirs) which may have a relation to this historic fact.

I am a publicist of Polish MoD's "Polska Zbrojna" weekly and am investigate the fact of possible (or not) shooting of more than 1000 German POWs by 1st Polish Armoured Division soldiers near Chambois. I ask for it in the name of good US-Polish WWII ETO brothers-in-arms relations because there is strong controversy in Poland about this fact. According to Mr. Colby's book the 90th ID may be the only one witness of the truth. Thanks in advance for all 90th veterans for their possible help.


Grzegorz Czwartosz

Warsaw, Poland


mobile 0048 604 550 468

...anything about Charles R Davis (Charley) ?? I know he served 1917-1919. He enlisted (not drafted) - honorable discharge. Was in the 358th infantry 90th Division 179 Brigade but I don't know any more. Maybe someone might have some pictures or something.
Thanks for any help.

Sheryl Davis


Would like to get any information on Oren L (Roy) Stephens Medic to give to his family as he has recently deceased.

George H Horton
Tel: 801 773 4795

.....anyone who served with my father Glenn I. Woodcook in the 359th, Co. I. He met up with the unit in late January 1945 at the Siegfried Line and fought through Germany and into Czechoslovakia. Also, the 11th Panzer surrendered to them at the end of the war. He was a BAR infantryman. He has been looking for a buddy named Howdeyshell (sp?) and someone they called Frenchie. If anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks!

Greg Woodcook
Tel: (607) 733-9535
New York

....any information about Unit 359 Company F, Battle of the Bulge. I was there and looking specifically for anyone who has a copy of the day report, but would like any information. Would like to have photos of Company F.

John T. Ingram
23035 U.S. Hwy 80
Opelika, Alabama 36804
(334) 745-4077

or information can be e-mailed to:

..any information about PFC Robert Swank Co A 358th. KIA Chef Du Pont 6/10/44

Andrew Fritzinger
email :  andrew@stormware.net

I am looking for all information on my grandfather, Carl S. Andrew, who was a Master Sergeant in the Army and served in the 90th division. If anyone who knew of him or has any information pertaining to him could email me I would be greatly appreciative.

 Kenneth Andrew


My name is Bruno Ehlich Sgt. ret. RAAF Australia. I am writing a book about my capture during the 2nd WW in a place called Leuchtenberg via Weiden in Bavaria. I was a Hitler youth. I was captured in May 45. Would like to find any GI involved in the taking of Leuchtenberg.

Also to thank those GI's who saved my live.
God bless you all. God bless the 90th.

Bruno Ehlich

Email: ehlich1@bigpond.com
Tel: Australia 0247544545

He was KIA 6/10/1944

.......anyone who knew or served with my father in WW11...Technical Sergeant Thomas L. Chamberlain. Dad was in Company L., 357th Inf. Regiment. My father was awarded five Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts.

Toby Chamberlain  email:saichamb@infi.net

I am looking for someone that I might be able to contact about the 537 AAA that was attached to the 90th Div. during WW2. To be more specific, I'm looking for anyone that might remember Staff Sergeant Lawrence (Lornie) Nelson ( who later received a field commission to 2nd Lt.). He was from Breckenridge Minn.. Any information on him or the 537 AAA would be of great help.
Thank you for your time and help.

Clay Nelson
15612 E. 20th
Veradale, WA 99037

My father, Charlie B. De Los Santos, was killed in action on June 11th, 1944 - 4 months before I was born. I would like to find someone that might have known my father or was with him when he died. Thank you so much.
Charlie B. De Los Santos
Ranger, Texas


I'm a French citizen born in 1967. My hobby is to search and to learn about WW2 and especially about the 90th inf. Div.
Why  the 90th ?
My father was a little boy of 9 years when his village in Lorraine was liberated by men of the 90th.  This is my tribute to them  for what they did at this time.
In order to achieve my work, I'm searching for any information about the fighting close to Metz, and especially in a small town called "Ville-Au-montois" (south of Longwy France).
Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for all.
My best regards.

I would like to find anybody who knew my uncle, Tech Sgt Buford Lee Roy McKnight. Co I, 359th Inf, 90th Div. He landed on Utah Beach on D-Day and was killed near Dillingen, Germany, on December 12, 1944. He was red headed and went by the name of "Roy" or possibly "Lee." We heard that he and his comrades fought until they ran out of ammunition, then he was executed by the Germans and some of his comrades were taken POW. Any information would be appreciated.

Barbara Wells

My grandfather; Corporal Terence George Case recently left this world on November 8, 2002. He was in the 90th Division 773rd Battalion. His date of birth is January 15, 1921. His hometown when he was drafted is Rochester, NY.

If anyone can put me in contact with any information about him or the battalion during the war, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a copy of his DD 214 and his discharge certificates, I have also come across a copy of his original boot camp picture with the names written down separately, he went to boot camp at Camp Croft, SC 1943.

Thank you in advance

Lee Augustine

I am searching for information on the 90th Division, 3rd Battalion of the 358th, G Company. My uncle Chuck Wagner was Captain until he was killed on July 7th. If anyone has information about him or may have known him I would appreciate a response.

Brian C. Wagner
Email : brisa1@adelphia.net
Cleveland, OH

..information concerning my father Keith N. Peterson, who served in the 90th CO B. 1stBN 358th Reg. He had written in the book "War from the Ground Up The 90th Div in WWII that he had been promoted to Staff Sgt, but somehow the paper works were corrected. Sadly my father passed away Dec 23, 2000 at the age of 83. Any info concerning my fathers service would be sincerely appreciated.

Kenneth J. Peterson, US Navy (Retired)


My dad is Milton Horace Lee and he served with Company D, 358th Infantry Regiment, 90th Division. He was wounded in Mainz, Germany on March 21, 1945. I would like to hear from anyone that may have information regarding this company or activities during this time period. A few names of army buddies that he has mentioned are Clarence Christenson (from Minnesota), Walter Hartfield (I believe from Purvis, Mississippi) and J.C. Moore (from Leeds, Alabama). Any information would be appreciated.

Roger Lee
Jonesboro, Arkansas
(870) 931-5660

I'm looking to correspond with any men who served in the 359th Regiment, Company "K". I am the namesake of my uncle, Pvt. Jack J. Roe, of Queens, New York, who was KIA near La Bachiniere on 28 July, 1944. I would be very interested to hear about the events surrounding his death that day should anyone be willing to share them with me. Thank you.

Jack P. Roe
561 Gilmour Street
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 2K3


I'm looking for anyone that would have information about Lawrence Nelson who served in the 537th AAA attached to the 90th Div. I know very little about him other than he received a Bronze Star by Major General James A. Van Fleet for heroic achievements against the enemy in France.
If you know him or know anyone that might be able to help me find any information please contact me.
Clay Nelson
15612 E. 20th
Veradale, WA 99037
509 926 4298


Enclosed are a few pictures I took at the U.S. Military Cemetery at Henri Chapelle, Belgium. Weather permitting, I will probably be making another trip to Henri Chapelle this month (Dec 2002). If you know of anyone who would want a picture of a fallen soldier, a friend, a father, a brother, a husband, and hero, I would freely do this and email the pictures to you. There are about 9000 soldiers buried at the cemetery. Hopefully the manager will be available, otherwise trying to find someone may be difficult.


Mike Colman email:michael.colman@SPANGDAHLEM.af.mil

See Photos and Articles section page 2

I'm looking to correspond with any veteran who may have known a relative of mine. His name is Thomas Flemming and he was in the 357th. He was killed on February 9th, 1945. The Siegfried Line was mentioned a letter to his wife.
Thank you.

Keith Chester
Email: Projectbluebook@erols.com

I am searching for any veteran of the 90th division, 357th infantry regiment who may have known a relative of mine. I'd like to find anyone who knew and served with Pvt. John R. Baskette from Tennessee. John was killed in battle on August 7th, 1944 in the Falaise Gap.

Best Regards

Michael Baskette
922 Mason Headley Road
Lexington, KY  40504

email: carworks@gte.net

I am looking for anyone who may have known my father, Tec 5 Everett T. Cagle, from Roland, OK. , whose unit was the 345th FA BN Battery B. , 90th. Infantry Div. in WW2. He drove an M-5 high speed tractor, pulling a 155mm howitzer.

Also I am trying to locate Tec 5 Robert C. or R. ? Bullock from NM.- same unit.

Melvin Cagle
16 N. Canyon St.
Nampa, Idaho 83651-2271

E-Mail: haffass13@yahoo.com

My Great Uncle, Pvt. Ted B. Long, was attached to the 90th Division, 359th Reg. Company L after Christmas of 1944.  Ted was wounded on 9 Jan 45 and died of his wounds on the 10th.  His Company may have been near Nothum and Berle Luxembourg on the 9th. I am looking for anyone with group photos of 359th Regiment, Co. L. 
I am also looking for rosters from Dec 44 - Jan 45.  I am stationed in Germany
and have visited battle grounds of the 90th and American cemeteries in Normandy,
Luxembourg and Belgium.

Dedication, Honor, Remembrance!

TSgt Mike Colman
PSC 9 Box 5415
APO AE, 09123

My uncle Clifford Yaney served with the 90th from the beginning to the end as a first sergeant. He was one of 6 in his battalion that made it all the way through. He was given a battle map and book for this. I am not sure of his unit. maybe you can help me. Alfred W. Yaney p.s. he died in Avon park Fl. in 87 or 88

Alfred W. Yaney

email: A_Yaney@hotmail.com

My Grandfather was SSGT Dewey Trent (d. 10-6-97). He was with Co B, 358th Inf. and fought in the following Campaigns: Normandy (wounded July 22, 1944), Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Europe (wounded May 6, 1945). I am looking for any photos, memorabilia, information or any other material related to my grandfather or his company.

Chris Gillum
Tel: 859-737-4290

I am looking for anybody with group photos or any other photos of soldiers of Company L 358th Infantry Regiment. I would also be interested in rosters of Company L. My father, Eldridge Bragg, was in Company L.

David Bragg
1328 Martin Way
Bowling Green, KY 42104
Tel:  270-781-1312

Dear All,

I am looking for any information or foto's regarding PFC Smith, Johnnie E. 34235672 358th Inf. Reg., 90th Inf. Div.

He is missing in action and entered the service from Louisiana. If there is someone who can help me out on the story of his missing and history of his life during the Army period and before as a civilian, your help would be very welcome!

My goal is to write a book regarding his life until his dead/missing, also I'm looking for any info of the 358th reg. personal story's etc.

Many thanks in advance,

Ron de Bijl
Florence Nightingalestraat 39
5914 WL Venlo ( Netherlands)
0031773876079 Phone
e-mail: solidsisters@planet.nl

I'm looking for information concerning a member of the 90th: Staff Sergant Hassell Whitefield. He in the field artillery, I don't know which one. He was killed in action on Jan. 17, 1945. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

Cody McMillian

Tel: (254) 764-4398

...information.   My father was 1SGT 345th FA BN in 1945. His name is Vincent P. Caruso. I was wondering if anyone who served with him could give me some information.  

Vincent P. Caruso Jr.

I'm looking for a paperback book about the 357th Inf Reg't. I believe it was printed in Germany. I had a copy but I can't seem to locate it in my home.

Horace T. Julian


Tel: (607) 648-6553