We need your assistance

This website was designed to be a source of information about 90th Division Association activities, a source of news about it's members, and a place to find material for and about 90th members. It is a new site, officially opened on 11/1/2002 with only a few 'peeks' at it before then. Being new, its content is on the low side. As it matures, it can only get better.

We can supply you the information about activities within the Association, and some sources of reference materials, but YOU are the only ones that can provide the news, pictures and stories of the members of the 90th Division. You are the only ones that can provide personal stories for all to see . You are the ones that have the things we need to make this site a vibrant, growing, exciting place for all to visit.

With a little effort, we can grow this site into THE place where people can come to find out the facts about what happened to the heroes of the 90th Division. These can be found in the pictures and stories that you, the Tough Ombre, or you, the family member of a Tough Ombre send to be posted here.

With the internet being the number one world-wide communication tool, there is no better way to tell your stories for all to see and read. The internet literally reaches around the world.  Who knows, someone in Europe may recognize your picture or name and want to communicate with you !

Please send a story or a picture.  Keep your comrades informed of a Final Farewell.  Provide your friends with a link to an informative web site or a new book.

And while you're thinking about it, what better way is there to get some information about the 90th or a Tough Ombre than by asking your question here, where potentially millions of people can see it.

Together we can make this site an extremely interesting place to visit.

Thanks for your help.

Webmaster Email and mailing address:

Dennis E. Foye
30 Plain St.
Middleboro, Ma 02346


Important information about material submitted............

Any submissions to the "I'm Looking for...", "Lest We Forget", and "Unit Reunions" sections will be forwarded for inclusion in the next Newsletter for those to see that do not have internet access.

Due to the fact that the internet is such a public forum, any submissions made directly to the Newsletter will not be published on the web site unless specifically requested by the submitter. This will give the sender the ability to have only 90th Division 'family members' see their submission if they so desire.